A good fertiliser is essential for a good yield of your crops. Organiqsense knows this. That is why Organiqsense produces environment friendly, biologically decomposable coco peat for the agricultural sector. This substrate seems to conquer the agrarian world in no time, due to the enormous achievements it can gain. The several forms in which coco peat is available, makes the coco peat useable as a growing substrate, as a growing bag and as a ground cover.

Organiqsense is the market leader in the production of coco peat, exporting these products into all of Europe, America and Africa. Throughout the years, Organiqsense has grown into a promising company in the production of coco peat. Our fully fledged production plant is situated in the heart of the coconut production, Coimbatore in Southern-East India.

This strategic location allows Organiqsense to use the richness of the superior coconut peel, which is part of our raw material, as optimal as possible.