All Organiqsense products are derived from one raw material: the coconut husk. This husk consists of a combination of coconut grit and fibres. For the coconut flakes this husk is shredded. Then they are washed or buffered, so all the surplus salts are removed. After this, the flakes are dried and pressed.

For the cocopeat production and the coco fibre production, the grit and the fibres are separated. The grit – the cocopeat – is stabilised; then the grit is treated in such a way that all the surplus salts are removed by way of washing and buffering. This secures a stabile end product, well-buffered and germ- and weed-proof. Finally, the coco peat is dried and compressed. After the compressing, the cocopeat is ready for transport. The fibres are sorted out on size and thickness. Fibres that are too thin lose their liquid absorbing activity too quickly and are, therefore, unused. The remaining fibres undergo an exhaustive treatment, being cut into to the right size and washed, after which they are dried and compressed.

By the compressing of our products, the products can be transported in relatively small containers to their place of destination.