Socially responsible

Organiqsense stands for socially responsible venturing. For us, this means producing environment-friendly, without exploiting the workers and the suppliers.

This is why we do our utmost to produce our products as nature-friendly as possible. The cocopeat itself is a very environment-friendly product, because all parts of the coconut are used actively. Thus, there is hardly any refuse remaining after the separation of recyclable elements. Also the treatment of the coco peat and its buffering take place with natural raw materials. In this way, cocopeat is and remains a fully organic product.

The cocopeat production takes place in India, and with good reasons: It is there where the coconuts are plucked and processed, making unnecessary transport avoidable. Moreover, the climate over there is optimal for sun-drying the coconuts; this, too, saves a lot of fuel.

In order to minimise the cost of transport from the production towards the client, and its subsequent environmental issue, the cocopeat is packed very densely. In this way, large amounts can be transported in small containers.

Organiqsense doesn’t only consider the environment of paramount importance. This is why we pay fair prices to the farmers that supply the coconuts. Our workers’ welfare in India is a steady focus of attention.


In order to guarantee the product quality, Organiqsense executes continual checks. Several steps within the production process are carefully followed. By way of tests, the pH is checked. In the products, during different production process stadiums, there are checks on the presence of weed. Through these detailed checks and the carefully designed production process, we supply cocopeat of a guaranteed high quality.